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Good Danny’s is Danny Reisch’s recording studio and personal creative space dedicated to crafting intriguing, creative, professional records and films.

Good Danny’s is located in downtown East Austin. Austin’s east side neighborhood is exploding with creativity, talent and energy. The studio is a stone’s throw from East 6th St. – near Cenote Coffee, Scoot Inn (the oldest bar in Texas), and Shangri-La. The studio is based out of a spacious 1,600 square foot facility with high ceilings, wood floors and loads of open space. Danny often prefers to record with producer and musicians in the same room, and we get it: You make the best music when you’re relaxed and happy – we work hard to make sure that’s the case. We have tons of guitars, basses, amps, pianos, synths, drums, pedals, weird old drum machines and organs (Farfisas, Hammond B3 w/ Leslie, Wurlitzers, Rhodes, lots of vintage synths) – all the toys you would want on hand to be able to realize whatever creative vision you have, and we hopefully share, for your project.

Have a unique set-up or idea for your record? Danny has great working relationships with the most storied studios in Austin and often brings his projects in and out of other facilities in order to produce your record in the setting that’s best for your music and budget.


We prefer to sit in on band practices and work with you on arrangements, instrumentation, amplifiers, tones, approach and more before our session. This is when we really try to hone in on what kind of record we’re making. Nothing is more important than for us to be on the same page working together with the same goal. Are we making a “Rumours” or “Hunky Dory?” – “Neu” or “Flaming Lips?” We host many out of town bands as well, and have a 300 sq. ft. practice space to work on your music before diving in. It’s really important to spend time before recording fine tuning arrangements, discussing style, feel, approach and making we’re on the same page as to how each song would be best presented as well as the overall goal of the record we’re making.


At Good Danny’s we record digitally to Pro Tools HD and analog to 2″ tape on a beautiful vintage 3M M79 16-track machine. Some projects Danny produces start on 2” tape at Public Hi-Fi, Cacophony Recorders or a number of other studios around Austin and make their way back to Good Danny’s where we can take our time developing the bulk of the record. Danny typically finishes records by mixing here at Good Danny’s on his Neve 5059 mixer or his Toft ATB console (totally gutted and hot rodded by Inward Connections) through Burl converters.


Danny has spent many years working on TV/Film post mixing, dialogue editing and sound design. He has mixed TV shows for IFC, MTV, Discovery, History Channel, A&E and wide release films here at Good Danny’s as well as soundtrack scoring, composition and production.

The best products are created when the client and producer are working in lock-step. At Good Danny’s, we like to see a musical project through from start to finish. Although we will accept work in all phases of recording, we reserve the right to turn down any recording project that we might not be the best fit for. That being said, there is often a way to create something great without spending an arm and a leg. It’s all about being creative with choices along the way and efficient with our time together.

Looking to craft a masterpiece? Contact Us to plan out your project.