April 12th, 2013

Danny recently produced a new single for one of his favorite bands based in Austin.  Marmalakes are a rare combination of youthful, bright indie-pop with earnest, thought provoking intelligence.  Smart AND fun?!  Whaaaa?  Yes, they can coexist!

Marmalakes will be joining Danny in the studio this fall to produce their upcoming full length.


Click HERE to download


Ovrld.com says…

“[This is] the most upbeat, poppy music Marmalakes has ever produced. There is a wordless chorus that screams “radio hit” with the way it fuses indie-pop tendencies with the group’s well-established folksiness. The production is top-notch, highlighting a gorgeous bass line and even accentuating the sizzly cymbals in one of the song’s slower moments. It’s a great song that is really well produced and should make us excited for the group’s full-length debut.”

Pop Press International …praises the single for it’s

“…crisp production and excellent melodies”


Marmalakes will be on tour throughout the midwest and northeast this summer with Shakey Graves and Wild Child. Check out dates below: