October 10th, 2011

We’re so excited to be mixing this record with the Peter Katis (The National, Interpol) at Tarquin Studio in Bridgeport, CT. We’ve been working non-stop on this record for a few months and are really looking forward to having a fresh set of ears to help us finish mixing and have the talent and experience of Greg Calbi mastering at Sterling Sound.










Post Mixing:
Peter proved his reputation to be well deserved - he was able to clarify and cleanup a lot of the final loose ends we we're struggling with at the tail end of the recording process. DR and JM's perspective was dwindling after months of working and living together. Losing perspective can make it really hard to know when to let go and call it "done." Peter really helped get the record over the finish line, his ideas and suggestions were very thoughtful and musical. He constructed a pretty little Celeste part for the end of Animal Life (the first song on the record), and brought out another favorite Good Danny's trick - using a single note on the Arp Solina to help big passages lift and soar. Both Danny and Jonathan were already huge fans of Peter's work, so it was very exciting to go through the mix process with him, observe his approach and absorb a lot of interesting methods of working. To Danny's surprise, a lot a details in the way both he and Peter work were very similar, which made working side by side totally seamless. They both share a certain level of happy obsession with extremely precise mixing, editing and fine tuning - which if done properly, should be invisible. This really allowed them to work in lock step an communicate clearly. We we're so happy with our mixes that almost no additional EQ or limiting was used in the mastering by Greg Calbi - tiny little notches here and there and an AD/DA converter shoot out was all we ended up doing at Sterling Sound. We were joined by Sub Pop owner/founder Jonathan Poneman for our mastering session.