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Danny Reisch is Good Danny’s.
He has over a decade of production experience and has worked in dozens studios here in Texas and all over the country. Danny is also probably the most genial, enthusiastic, mustached (update: bearded!) guy you’ll meet in the Austin music industry. A true music lover, Danny is most interested in crafting great songs with great people and developing lasting friendships, above all.

To hear more about Danny’s approach and see him at work check out the video below, artfully made by the gents at

Growing Up Four-Track

Danny Reisch started his musical career at 10 years old — the co-writer (along with Chris Gruber and John Erdman) of such memorable hits as “I Wanna Be a Professional Friend”, “Pink Lemonade”, and “Polar Bear” in their junior high band, D-Hippo. Learning to play drums from Chris on his dad’s old Rogers Holiday kit, Chris and Danny made many cassette “EPs” distributed among their friends. Both we’re Inspired by Chris’ older brother Jeff, (guitarist/singer of Dallas band Local 63), who taught Danny and Chris how to put their creations to four-track cassette tape.

Years of experimentation led to his first experience at a “professional” recording studio. At the age of 15, Danny and his high school band recorded their debut CD releasing half a dozen cassettes at school. Enchanted by the nuances of recording and a genuine love of musical creation, Danny decided that day to turn his life to the pursuit of creating music and learning the fine art of capturing sound on tape.

At 16, Danny became an intern at ASC Summit Burnett in Dallas, TX. The legendary studio had recorded such artists as Bob Wills, the Rolling Stones and James Brown. While there, Danny learned classical/traditional recording techniques in a truly old-school studio – tape machines, echo chambers and tube microphones – state of the art 1972. Danny served as a tape op and eventually assisted on dozens of records.

Fast Forward

10 years later, and Danny is now the owner of Good Danny’s. In the last ten years, he has worked out of dozens of studios producing and engineering countless records. Danny was awarded the Austin Music Award for “Best Producer” 2010/2011 and Good Danny’s was named Best Recording Studio at the AMP Austin Music Industry Awards 2013. In 2014 Good Danny’s was named “Best Grand Slam Recording Studio,” in The Austin Chronicle’s “Best of Austin Awards.” He has custom designed samples and loops for the Akai MPC for artists such as Andre 3000, U2, Jay Z and the Spice Girls and has mixed many television and film projects.

Danny carries a Bachelor’s in Music from Texas State University with an emphasis on recording and production. He plays drums, guitar and piano, and has a deep understanding of music theory, arrangement, part writing and harmonization. In his “spare” time, Danny drums for Shearwater and Other Lives, touring and making friends all over the world – playing music, as well as recording it.

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